Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)

Sensors' SEMTECH® product line goes wherever your vehicles go, for real-world emissions and fuel economy testing. SEMTECH® products are easy-to-install, easy-to-use, extremely rugged, and offer fast and accurate results. Whether you're conducting development testing or regulatory compliance testing, SEMTECH® products can help you get the results you need, fast.

SEMTECH LDV on container

PEMS Light-Duty

The SEMTECH® LDV was specifically designed for real-world emissions testing of light duty vehicles. From automated calibration to automated report generation for regulatory compliance, and every stage in between, the PEMS Light-Duty system simplifies every aspect of real-world emissions testing.

PEMS on heavy duty truck

PEMS Heavy-Duty

SEMTECH® ECOSTAR Plus is a modular suite of ruggedized measurement systems built for the extremes of heavy-duty testing. The system consists of individual, self-contained modules, each with a specific functionality, designed to measure the full range of gaseous and particulate emissions.

truck on test cell dyno

Test Cell

Sensors' test cell product line enables the measurement of multiple gases, from trace levels to full concentrations, particulate number and mass, and a high-speed flow meter, for extremely accurate emissions measurements.

car at gas pump

Fuel Economy

Emphasis on the importance of real-world fuel economy measurements has never been greater. Sensors has developed a compact system to measure just that. By combining our high-speed flow meter with our fuel economy meter, the SEMTECH® FEM offers the most accurate real-world fuel economy measurements.