Sensors' Technical Papers

Technical Papers

The following papers discuss the various uses of the SEMTECH-DS and the SEMTECH PPMD. Some were co-written by Sensors' engineers, while others were written entirely by independent third parties. These papers must be purchased through the SAE. Selecting the document numbers will take you directly to the SAE on-line document to view the abstract and place your order.

In-Use Emissions from Non-road Equipment for EPA Emissions Inventory Modeling (MOVES)
Document Number: 2010-01-1952

On-road Emissions and Fuel Economy of Light Duty Vehicles using PEMS: Chase-Testing Experiment
Document Number: 2008-01-1824

Simultaneous Real-Time Measurements of NO and NO2 in Medium Duty Diesel Truck Exhaust
Document Number: 2007-01-1329

Road Test of an On-Board Particulate Matter Mass Measurement System
Document Number: 2007-01-1116

Evaluating Real-World Fuel Economy on Heavy Duty Vehicles using a Portable Emissions Measurement System
Document Number: 2006-01-3543

Fuel Economy Improvements and NOx Reduction by Reduction of Parasitic Losses: Effect of Engine Design
Document Number: 2006-01-3474

Laboratory Evaluation of the SEMTECH-G Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) for Gasoline Fueled Vehicles
Document Number: 2006-01-1081

Dynomometer and On-board Emissions Testing of the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius
Document Number: 2005-01-0681

Development of a New Composite School Bus Test Cycle and the Effect of Fuel Type of Mobile Emissions from Three School Buses
Document Number: 2005-01-1616

Experimental Evaluation of Aftertreatment Devices on Mobile School Bus Emissions from Diesel Powered School Buses
Document Number: 2005-01-1757

SEMTECH-D: The Chassis RollĀ  Evaluation of a Commercial Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS)
Document Number: 2005-01-0673

The Effect of Ambient Temperature and Humidity on Measured Idling Emissions From Diesel School Buses
Document Number: 2004-01-1087