The SEMTECH LASAR is a multi-gas analyzer that accurately measures gas concentrations from trace levels to full concentrations.

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SEMTECH LASAR: Laser Absorption Spectrometer with Amplified Resonance

SEMTECH LASAR is an optical feedback, cavity enhanced, laser absorption spectrometer, capable of measuring both trace levels and high concentrations of a wide range of gases. This high precision, multi-gas analyzer has been designed with no moving parts, hygroscopic optics or liquid N2 cooling requirements and, therefore, has wide applicability.


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Trace Gas Analysis: The highly sensitive system is capable of measuring gases at ppb level.*
  • Multi-Gas Analysis: The SEMTECH LASAR provides exceptional selectivity, enabling simultaneous multi–gas measurement without interferences, regardless of the composition matrix.*
  • No Sample Pre-Treatment Required: Low pressure in the sampling system significantly reduces adsorption/desorption and removes water condensation in the line.
  • No Drift: Information contained in the signal enables automated zeroing of the analyzer every 100 msec. Built-in advanced pro-active stabilization solutions and self-monitoring artificial intelligence enables long-term stability.
  • Robustness: The SEMTECH LASAR contains no moving parts, no hygroscopic optics and does not require liquid N2 cooling, enabling wide applicability.
  • Low Fouling: The sampling system enables low flow rate sampling without reducing sample transfer time. Deposition of contaminants in lines and filters is largely eliminated, significantly reducing system maintenance.
  • Ease of Integration / Commissioning: The SEMTECH LASAR is pre-calibrated for your emissions measurement application. It includes a touch screen interface and on-board PC for local control and real-time display of results. The SEMTECH LASAR can be monitored over the internet, with immediate access to results, diagnostics, and raw signal information from any remote location.
  • Traceability: 30 to 90 days of raw spectra and data collection and operation parameters are stored locally, enabling additional post processing of data for traceability and validation.

*Contact Sensors, Inc. to discuss your application and fully define the performance of your custom designed solution.

Flow Rate: 3 - 9 L/hr at sampling point
Max. Sample Temperature: 600°C (1100°F) For higher temps, contact Sensors
Max. Sample Humidity: H2O(g) < 30% - Standard; H2O(g)>30% - TBD
Sample Pressure: 1000 mbar ± 100 mbar @ sampling point - Standard; Higher sample pressures - optional
Sampling Line: Non condensing conditions @ 50 - 100 mbar: PFA, PTFE, or Silcosteel Stainless Steel
Condensing conditions @ 50 mbar: 40C PFA, PFTE, or Silcosteel Stainless Steel Heated Lines
Size: Standard 19" 4U rack
Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)
Options: Wall Mounted; C1D1, C1D2, ATEX
Display / Control: 5.7" diagonal color touch screen
PC OS: Windows® XP®
Software: WinProCeas©
Data I/O
Standard: Ethernet; RS232; RS485; Modbus/JBus
Optional: 10 Hz data refresh rate
Analog outputs; other I/Os on request
Installation Requirements
Operating Temperature: 15-25°C (59-77°F) Standard
(50-104°F) Optional
Power Requirements: < 200W; 110-220 VAC; 50-60 Hz


NH3 (1000 ppm) - CO2 (30%) - H2O (30%)
N2O (100 ppm*) - CH4 (300 ppm) - NH3 (100 ppm)
NO (800 ppm) - CO2 (20 %) - H2O (20%)
NO2 (800 ppm) - CO2 (20 %) - CH4 (10 %)

* - Up to 500 ppm extended range calibration available as an option.

The SEMTECH LASAR can measure gases from the ppb’s to 100% concentration levels with linearity of instrumental response up to 4 orders of magnitude.

The use of non-fibered lasers provides great flexibility in the selection of spectral range(s), providing the user with a wide array of calibration ranges, sensitivities and response times.

Please contact Sensors to discuss your application and our engineers will devise a configuration based on your analytical needs.