The SEMTECH Dual FID simultaneously measures the total Hydrocarbon (THC) and Methane (CH4) fractions of a gaseous sample using two vacuum flame ionization detectors in a single assembly, for both PEMS and laboratory applications.

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Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

SEMTECH Dual FID: THC & Methane Analyzer

The SEMTECH Dual FID is designed to minimize the loss of hydrocarbons prior to analysis by maintaining the required temperature through use of a single heated filter, single heated sample line and stainless steel fittings, all of which have low hydrocarbon adsorption characteristics. The system has been designed to endure the harsh environment of the in-use test application while maintaining laboratory grade measurement standards.

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  • Automatic Flame Ignition: The FID flame will light automatically after approximately 30 minutes of warm-up time.
  • Dual Flame Ionization Detector Assembly: The single assembly dual detector system, coupled with an NMHC cutter assembly upstream the CH4 FID, provides both THC and CH4 measurements in real-time using only 1 sample line, 1 FID fuel line and 1 combustion air input.
  • Measuring Range: The Dual FID has 4 user-selectable measurement ranges for each channel, ranging from 0-100 ppmC1 and 0-30000 ppmC1.
  • Sample Handling: A water trap and Nafion dryer are integrated into the SEMTECH SCS module. A heated sample line (length varies with tested vehicle) delivers the sample to the Dual FID chamber at 191°C. Particulate matter is removed using a built-in, disposable, user-replaceable filtration system.
  • Combustion Air: The Dual FID module includes a built-in catalytic converter for removal of all hydrocarbons from ambient air, thus providing hydrocarbon-free combustion air to the system.
  • NMHC Cutter: The system includes a built-in NMHC catalytic oxidation assembly for removal of the NMHC fraction from sample prior to analyzing the sample using the Dual FID’s methane channel.
  • Compliance: The SEMTECH Dual FID is compliant for gases regulated under the rules of UN-ECE. Reg. 49 and E.U. Commission Regulation No. 582/2011 and of US EPA 40CFR, Part 1065.
  • Heated Lines: Sensors, Inc. has developed an innovative, low powered heated line that controls and maintains the temperature of the exhaust sample at 191 ±5°C.
  • 12V DC Power: The system operates on 12V DC power.
Power requirements 12 V
Warm up Time 30 minutes minimum;
60 minutes to meet performance specifications
Storage Temperature Dry -10 to 60°C ambient
Operating Environment -10 to 45°C ambient
Power Usage <300 Watts
Dimensions (WxDxH) 43.6 x 31.1 x 13.5 cm
17.2 x 12.3 x 5.3 in
Weight 11.2 kg
24.6 lb
Data transmission Ethernet
Electromagnetic interference and susceptibility CE Standards: IEC 61326: 2002-2


Gas THC & CH4
Supported ranges
0-100 ppmC1 / 0-40000 ppmC1
Linearity (all ranges)
|xmin x (a1 - 1) + a0 | ≤ 0.5% of selected range
Slope a1 between 0.99 and 1.01
Standard Error of Estimates (SEE) ≤ 1% of selected range
Coefficient of Determination r2 ≥ 0.998
≤ ±2% of reading or ≤ ±0.3% of full scale of selected range, whichever is greater
< ±1% of point or < ±1% of selected range, whichever is greater
≤ 1% of selected range
≤ 2% of selected range
Zero drift
≤ ± 1% of full scale of selected range over 1 hour
Span drift
≤ ± 2% of full scale of selected range over 8 hours
Rise Time T10-90
≤ 2.5 seconds
System Response Time T10-90
≤ 10 seconds with rise time ≤ 2.5 seconds
Data Rate
5 Hz
Gas Requirements & Consumption
H2 40% Bal. He (<0.1 ppm TCH)
Fuel consumption
330 ccm @ 300 kPa
Span gas
C3H8 and CH4
Span gas consumption
~1.5 LPM @ 150 - 200 kPa
Zero gas
Purified N2 or Purified Synthectic Air
Zero gas consumption
~1.5 LPM @ 150 - 200 kPa
Total Sample Flow
 <1.0 LPM @ 100 kPa

  • Heated Lines: Sensors has developed an innovative, low powered heated line that controls and maintains the temperature of the exhaust sample at 191 ± 5 °C.