The SEMTECH CPM is a real-time PM measurement system that meets the requirements of both US EPA CFR 40 part 1065 and EU ECE Reg. 49.

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SEMTECH CPM: Continuous Particulate Measurement

Sensors’ SEMTECH CPM utilizes an ion mobility technique (based on the Pegasor® PPS-M) whereby clean air is ionized and mixed with the sample, charging the particles. As charged particles exit the sensor (Faraday cup) their charge is measured with a sensitive electrometer. Accordingly, the SEMTECH CPM is a real-time PM measurement system that can be configured to measure either PM Mass or PM Number concentrations. The module can be employed as a standalone analyzer, or integrated with the SEMTECH MPS and PFS to provide a complete SEMTECH PM measurement solution for both real-world or laboratory applications.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • 1065 and EU ECE Reg. 49 compliant: The SEMTECH CPM meets the preliminary requirements for US EPA Part 1065 and EU ECE Reg. 49 compliance requirements for in-use testing, when integrated with SEMTECH MPS and PFS.
  • PM Mass or Number: The module may be calibrated to accurately measure either particle mass or number.
  • Flow-through transducer design: The CPM is designed to extract a diluted aerosol sample from either a third party diluter, the MPS or a CVS sampling system. This results in improved performance (humidity effects, pulsation effects, etc.) and greatly reduces service intervals.
  • Protection from contamination while not in operation: The CPM module is configured with a zero air solenoid to enable real-time zeroing as well as providing a stand-by feature.
  • Power supply monitoring: Power can be either 12 VDC, 110 VAC or 220 VAC, with both current and voltage monitoring.
  • Rugged construction: This unit can be used off-road and in other harsh environments.
  • Shock Resistance: The mechanical design has been optimized for resistance to shock and vibration, ensuring data acquisition in the most harsh environments.
  • Design Details: Over a decade of experience in in-use emissions testing has gone into the design details of the SEMTECH ECOSTAR system, including:
    • EMI protection, including gaskets, filters
    • Stress relief for pneumatic connections
    • Channels for cable management
    • Standard Swagelok™ bulkhead connectors
    • Rugged Deutsch connectors for power and auxiliary connectors
    • Handles that lock to other SEMTECH ECOSTAR modules for stable system integration
Measurement Technique Ion Mobility
Minimum Particle Size > 23nm (dependent on selected trap voltage)
Maximum Particle Size < 2.5μm (dependent on measured particle size distribution)
Concentration From 1μg/m3 to 250 mg/m3
Response Time < 0.3 sec
Maximum Data Rate 10Hz (high speed internal averaging)
Power Requirement 12 VDC; 110-220 VAC
Storage Temperature Dry -10°C to 60°C
Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C ambient
Communications USB
Dimensions (WxDxH) 43.6 x 31.1 x 17.9 cm
17.2” x 12.2” x 7.1"
Weight: 20kg
Interference & Susceptibility
CE Standards: ICE 61326:2002-2